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   As a lifelong hunter with a passion for the outdoors and a love of rifles, I count myself very fortunate to have made a career out of building top quality hunting rifles.

   After receiving formal gunsmithing training at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona in 2012, my wife, son, and I moved back to our hometown of Weathersfield, Vermont and set up shop, officially starting MNR Custom, LLC.

   By the grace of God, and with the support of many loyal customers, we’ve slowly grown the business over the last ten years into a premium name in the custom rifle industry.

   A passion for hunting is what drew me into gunmaking and I certainly haven’t forgotten that first love. The time spent afield with my sons and wife is some of my most cherished. I also thoroughly enjoy hearing back from customers who’ve just returned from a great hunting adventure.

   As a firm believer in sustainable use conservation and youth hunter outreach, I’ve volunteered as an instructor for the State of Vermont’s youth hunter education program, and currently serve on the board of directors for Dallas Safari Club Northeast.

    I’m honored to be recognized as a professional stockmaker in the American Custom Gunmakers Guild.


Soli Deo Gloria

Matthew Roberts





I have been in the firearms industry for 68 years and I have a secret. The secret is MNR Custom LLC and the reason it is a secret is because I don’t want Matthew Roberts flooded with so much work that he won’t be able to handle mine. And that is exactly what will happen if this secret gets out.

   When my favorite gunsmith (both wood and metal) who had done my work for me for twenty years died eight years ago, I not only lost a friend but also lost the best contact for doing any gun smithing, gun restoration, and/or gunmaking (wood and metal). I thought he was irreplaceable… then I acquired a rifle made by MNR Custom LLC. The company and the man didn’t have the reputation yet of the best gunmakers, but that was only because he had not been discovered. That first rifle I had of his, could not have been made any better by any gunmaker on the planet!

   That’s when I contacted Matthew and from that point on, he became my secret. He made some steel bottom metal to replace aluminum bottom metal on an H&H Mauser that every other gunmaker, including H&H, said could not be done. Matthew did it with perfection. He restored an Arrizabalaga 20 gauge (wood and metal) to new condition that would fool the factory. He has made every repair, whether on shotgun or rifle, that I have ever asked of him and always, to perfect working order. His gunmaking from scratch is better than Reimer Johannsen’s (of which I have owned three) and on par with any of the best reputable makers.

   About his character, he always tells you the truth and will stand by his estimates. Although I have had him work on guns worth more than $50,000 (and have never had a second thought about sending him one in those high-end value ranges), his pricing is reasonable and in sync to be competitive for work on lower-value guns as well. I hope my recommendation here does not let my secret out!

Roger Rule

Author of the Rifleman's Rifle and other titles

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