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.375 H&H by Duane Wiebe
  • .375 H&H by Duane Wiebe

    SKU: 13110

    Exceptionally well made.

    Convex cheekpiece with shadow line, deep red alkanet root color, Wiebe's custom bottom metal holding five down without being a drop box! Action fuctions and feeds spectacularly.

    Has made several trips to Africa and shows the expected wear. Has minor surface rust in a few places.

    • Specs

      Scope Leupold Varix III 1.75-6
      Scope Mounts Custom bases for Talley rings
      Sights Custom rear base, 1 fixed and 1 folding (100+200 yards)
      Magazine Capacity 5 + 1
      Rifle Weight #9 with scope
      Barrel Length 23 1/4"
      Muzzle Diameter .630"
      Metal Finish Rust blued
      Engraving All screws, matting on the front ramp, "0311" on floor plate
      LOP 13 7/8"
      Recoil Pad 1" red Silvers with widow's peak
      Drop at Comb 1/2"
      Drop at Heel 3/4"
      Cast 1/4" toe out
      Stock Hardware Steel grip cap, inletted rear sling swivel, two steel crossbolts
      Pattern Type Flat top wrap around with mullered border
      LPI 18


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