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.416 Rigby by John Rigby &Co.
  • .416 Rigby by John Rigby &Co.

    SKU: 1272407

    This rifle has only been shot to sight in the irons and then three times by the customer. It's almost unused and has been a safe queen.

    This rifle was ordered when Rigby first brought out the Big Game.  It is unusual that it was for a time, the first and only Big Game built on the single square bridge action with a 24 inch barrel.  The Single Square Bridge originally came with a 22 inch barrel.  The customer had a long discussion with Marc Newton about styling the rifle after Harry Selbey's .416 Rigby.  Marc later told him that his wishes were the inspiration for the Vintage Big Game that Rigby came out with for a while.  The gold lettering for the safety, gold lines on the iron sights and the engraved oval were all upgrades.

    The engraving on the stock oval can be removed for the buyer if requested.

    • Rifle Specs

      Sights 1 fixed, 2 folding: 65, 150, 200 yards
      Rifle Weight 9.96#
      Barrel Length 24"
      Muzzle Diameter .780"
      Engraving Stock oval, gold lettering for the safety and gold lines on the iron sights
      LOP 14.5"
      Recoil Pad 1" Silvers
      Drop at Comb .600"
      Drop at Heel .900"
      Stock Hardware Stock oval with initials "MRM," trap door grip cap, rear sling swivel, color-case hardened crossbolt
      Checkering Wrap-around forend
      LPI 22
      Description New condition- shot three times


    $17,500.00 Regular Price
    $16,500.00Sale Price
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