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Harold Wolf Double Rifle with Two Barrels in .460 Weatherby and .416 Rigby
  • Harold Wolf Double Rifle with Two Barrels in .460 Weatherby and .416 Rigby

    SKU: 1272411

    The rifle has some provenance:

    It was owned by the late professional hunter Fred Duckworth and author of “A FAR FROM ORDINARY LIFE”. 

    Fred’s first elephant was taken with a 9.3x64mm Brenneke Mauser, which quickly taught him a good lesson: to carry as big a double rifle as possible. 

    He commissioned the late Harald Wolf to build this double rifle (who made some pretty impressive double rifles in unusual calibers. Besides being a master rifle-builder, Harald also ran a big-bore rifle Magazine called " Hatari Times,” which was a brilliant publication. 

    This Harald Wolf double rifle has ejectors and has two sets of barrels in calibers .460 Weatherby and .416 Rigby. The rifle is built as strong as a vault on a beefy side-lock / tri-lock action. This action is a Franz Jaeger type tilting breechblock lock-up action, which sidesteps the inherent weakness of the bar action system. 

    The 24” .460 barrels are for heavy-skinned dangerous game and the short handy 22” .416 barrels for quick shots at wounded soft-skinned cats. Two of my favorite “pet” calibers and a perfect combination for a professional hunter.


    The metal work is in very good condition. There are some dings in the stock finish.

    • Rifle Specs

      Sights express rear
      Rifle Weight 13# (.460)
      Barrel Length 24" (.460), 22" (.416)
      Metal Finish Blued
      Engraving Cape buffalo, elephant, rhino, full coverage deep relief scroll work
      LOP 14 3/8" front, 13 1/4" rear
      Recoil Pad Kick-Eez 1.25"
      Drop at Comb 1"
      Drop at Heel 1.60"


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