The McKinley offers the same flawless functionality found in the Hatari rifle, but in an all-weather package.

Our custom synthetic stocks incorporate the same classic lines of our English Walnut stocks,

but are prepared to endure whatever abuse the hunter or nature can muster.

Custom Fiberglass Stock

3 cups


1½ cups


Barrel Band Sling Swivel

Express Sights

Industrial-Grade Speckle-Tone Finish

Custom One-Piece Bottom Metal


Highly modified Winchester Model 70 or Mauser 98 action

Custom scope bases for included Talley QD rings


Custom one-piece bottom metal with straddle floor plate and trigger bow release


Premium barrel fitted with express sights

and barrel banded sling swivel


Pillar bedded custom fiberglass stock shaped in a classic style coated with an industrial grade speckle-tone finish

Steel grip cap, inletted rear swivel stud, and steel cross bolts


All-weather ceramic metal finish


1/2 MOA guarantee at 100 yards

with premium factory ammo in most calibers



Granite Mountain Arms action

(necessary for some magnum length cartridges)     


Integral barrel sight bases, sling swivel, and secondary recoil lug* 


Muzzle brake     


*Other integral features and designs available.

Please inquire for a quote.

**Many different scope mounting options available. 

Please inquire for a quote.