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Nelson Forsythe .270 Win Pre 64 Win M70
  • Nelson Forsythe .270 Win Pre 64 Win M70

    SKU: 7032408

    Part of a three gun set built for a client by master gunsmith Nelson Forsythe. We're selling the other two as well (a .375 H&H and .22LR on a Winchester 52-B). 

    The stock's crafted out of a beautiful piece of Circassian walnut. Featuring fleur-de-lis wrap around checkering, steel grip cap, and shadow line cheek piece. Everything is very well executed.

    There's a few minor handling marks on the stock.

    • Rifle Specs

      Rifle Weight 8.54 #
      Barrel Length 24"
      Muzzle Diameter .485"
      LOP 15"
      Drop at Comb 5/8"
      Drop at Heel 3/4"
      Scope Leupold M8 6X
      Scope Mounts Leupold
      Checking Pattern Fleur-de-lis
      LPI 22


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